About us

Mobile service delivery of goods within an hour of your favorite supermarkets and stores located near your home                 or office.                 A service that will make you happier. Now you can not go and stand in traffic jams, in the long queue of a supermarket, spend                 time, nerves on the routine process of purchasing goods. In your only day off, it's best to spend this time with families. Often                 it happens that there is no way to go to the store near the house, small children, health, many things or just not                 love for such trips. Use the mobile application doshop.kz and it will do everything for you.

We invite stores and supermarkets in all cities of Kazakhstan to test our service.
We offer you a modern system with mobile applications and a web portal for customers and couriers.
Your employees engaged in the delivery of products will be able to use the mobile application to deliver timely.
After placing the order by the customer, the system will send a notification to your couriers about the geolocation of your store.
The first courier takes the order and executes it. Fast delivery and satisfied customers!